27-10-18: Did you see 'The Lakes' on BBC2? The most recent (a repeat from August) shows the area within a few miles from the cottage - Coniston, Grizedale  and surroundings. Well worth a look on iPlayer.   

 24-10-18: Booked up now for October but we still have Christmas week. There's lots going on during that week so if you would like a relaxing break over Christmas with all the traditional 'village' Christmas activities, then just get in touch with us.

With the clocks going back and the dark nights getting longer, it's good to plan next year's holidays. We'd love to hear from you and book your space on the calendar .......... 

21-10-18: We're thankful that the weather has brightened up and the Autumn colours this year are simply stunning. We have the one week left at the end of October so if you are ready for a well deserved a break now, it would be a good time to come - especially as we're also offering a 10% price reduction. This applies to booking 7 nights or 3 nights from Friday 26th Oct. or 4 nights from Monday 29th.

Fancy a relaxing 'village' Christmas? If you spend Christmas week here we can promise you all manner of traditional festivities and your own cosy base to came back to..........

27-07-18: Well that's it for the Summer - we've still a couple of weeks left in October so if you fancy a break then (& the Lake District at that time of year is lovely), just contact us and we'll be delighted to be able to welcome you. 

24-07-18: Fancy cooling off here/want a sound night's sleep? Never thought we'd be advertising this but those of you who are experiencing a prolonged heatwave might like to consider a slightly cooler (but still warm) holiday here at next week's discounted rate. (See below). 

18-07-18: Another booking just come in so there is only one week left for a Summer break (& what a Summer we are having): Week beginning July 27th. As an extra incentive, we are offering this week at a discounted rate of £392 If you are thinking about a Lake District holiday - we'd love to welcome you here!








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23-01-18: Over the years many of our visitors have enjoyed exploring the beauties of the Lake District on foot or on two wheels so we are especially pleased to have been awarded Visit England's Welcome badges. We'd love to be able to welcome you too!


 18-03-19  It doesn't always rain in the Lake District - far from it but the new washing and drying facilities will certainly help. There's also a small freezer to add additional freezer space over and above what's already in the cottage. Part two of the renovations (now finished) is the larger oven and changed layout in the kitchen area - so, if you want to slave over a hot stove preparing a feast, you can! Have a look at the photo gallery to see the changes we've made. 

02-07-18: phew what a scorcher!! At the time of writing the sun continues to beat down. We can't guarantee this at the end of the month but whatever the weather this is a lovely place for a holiday.

20-06-18: There's always a lot going on whatever your interests. If you've not looked at our 'things to do' page head for it now and see what's on. Our nearest market town - Ulverston (6 miles away) - is well worth a visit: there's always some festival or event on  Whatever your interests, you'll find lots to do here. Have a look at our 'Things to do' page ...



What peace and beautiful scenery - no wonder writers and artists were so inspired.